SILVIA_BirdsBackgroundPhotography by Kadet Kuhne
Photography by Kadet Kuhne

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Vox Mundi School of the Voice

CIIS Sound, Voice, and Music in the Healing Arts

My Secret Religion

Since my early childhood, birds and their natural songs have inspired me. When I was small, I talked to the birds and they talked back to me. They became my secret religion. I would sit on the stairs of our weekend home and listen to their songs for hours.

When I was five years old, nature was my sanctuary, and the mystery of listening became the gateway to my deepest inner world. My top-secret sonic meditation was to earnestly attend to the space of time between one song and the next from the same bird. It thrilled me to discover that the space in between was not always the same—what in music we refer to as periodic rhythmic pulse. The birdsongs were so beautiful, and it was captivating for me to discover this “space in between.” The appreciation that nature is not linear was the awakening of musicality within my five-year-old self. The cycles of the creative imagination seem to have the same nonlinear, poetic nature.”

Excerpt from Free Your Voice, a book by Silvia Nakkach

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